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Manila Grey's Soliven & Neeko

You should know about Manila Grey. We’ve been appreciating their movement for a while now. But it was a challenge for us to truly put into words how we felt and at the same time give them justice. Perhaps just click on the vid link already to see… better yet feel, what we mean.

If you must have some background 411, here’s the essential info:

Who are Manila Grey?
Soliven and Neeko form the Vancouver-based R&B/Hip Hop duo known as Manila Grey. azel north is their exclusive producer.

What’s their musical style?
Their sound has been described as a “Dark tropical sound …with a lot of depth and texture.” Artistically we’re reminded in some moments of The Weeknd, other times Travis Scott but as a whole it’s a distinct Manila Grey aesthetic that is simply super fresh to us.

Where do they draw their inspiration from?
From the duality of Vancouver and Manila lifestyle and nightlife culture, their Filipino roots and artists they grew up listening to: 112, Musiq Soulchild, Outkast, Nelly, Usher, Bow Wow.

When did they form?
They first started making music in 2007 but officially released songs as Manila Grey in 2016.

Look out for an upcoming Manila Grey x REFRESH in-depth feature sooner than later.

Listen to their latest EP “No Saints Under Palm Shade”:

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